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What are community groups?

We all need people to do life with — and not just on Sundays.

Community Groups meet during the week to worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work in Christ in community with others (Acts 2; 5:42).
a group of people sitting on couches, focus on elderly man
two women reading on a couch

What are they for?

Following Jesus is a community project - we were never meant to do life alone (Hebrews 10:25).

If you need to be discipled and make disciples through community, these groups are the place to find that.
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people sitting on couches and chairs while singing, one man is playing guitar

How do they work?

While every group is different, their goals are the same: to make disciples of Jesus through unapologetic preaching, unashamed worship, unceasing prayer, and unafraid witness.

Group members study the Word, worship, pray, and minister together to the community they’re specifically located in.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone! Legitimately, anyone. Whether or not you attend Vertical (or any church at all), we're happy to have you jump into a community. We all need other people to do life with.

You can jump into any open group at any time of the year.

No group is the same! We don't force groups to follow any specific curriculum or style, because each one is comprised of unique people and we want to leave things up to the Spirit's leading.

That said, all groups are required to exercise Vertical's four pillars: Unapologetic Preaching, Unashamed Worship, Unceasing Prayer, and Unafraid Witness.

How things shake out practically is up to each individual group. Some groups might start the night with a time of worship, then launch into a study of a book of the Bible or other Christian literature, concluding the night with a time of sharing and prayer for one another.

If you don't see an open group in a location near you or at a time that works for your schedule, contact Discipleship Pastor Garrett.

We'd love to talk with you about that! We're always looking for new group hosts. Contact Discipleship Pastor Garrett for more info.